Projectview: Your Digital Procurement Workspace 

Deliver More

Plan, organise and track your activity in one visual place

Total visibility for stakeholders and leaders

With a real-time view of activity across your organisation

Daily task management to help your team stay on track

Easily manage and progress multiple projects on a day to day basis. 

Since bringing in Projectview my time spent on administration has been cut by 80-90%.

Targets dashboard to track overall progress

Take early action to ensure that you hit your targets and discover which projects and team members are key to that success.

Step-by-Step customised task lists 


Our task wizard suggests relevant tasks for different project types - upskilling junior team members and providing a productivity shortcut for more experienced team members.

The implementation of the system was unbelievably smooth. It's also very easy to use the system, it takes very little training as it's user friendly and self explanatory.

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