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Align Performance with Strategy

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Build configurable workflows that optimise your procurement process, increase team capacity, and raise the bar on quality.
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Provide visibility into project pipeline, resources, and benefits to ensure the most strategic activities are being prioritised.
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Empower your stakeholders to source low value, low risk requirements through a simple self-service platform.

Increase velocity

Deliver on-time and on-budget
Allocate team resources to high impact projects that will deliver true ROI.
Offload non-strategic work
Build a seamless self-service procurement system to unclog the pipeline to and focus procurement on the most valuable output.
Move faster
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Simplify the intake experience

Your workflows shouldn’t be determined by legacy technology suites or outdated processes that continue to throttle progress.

Acada’s simple user interface and fully-configurable workflows return the power of effective process back to procurement, increasing adoption and compliance rates across the board.

Turn data into valuable insight

Tell compelling stories with real-time reporting on spend, benefits, and ROI, while tracking long-term trends that will inform decisions for future projects.
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Improve employee adoption
Provide a guided buying experience for internal business partners with learning modules instead of an outdated rule book that may never be read, or worse — ignored.
Maintain spend oversight with self-service
Easy-to-use self-service platform
Built-in project governance
Guided learning modules
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Track pipeline in one place
View historic, current, and future projects.
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Automate manual processes
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Provide real-time reporting
Create custom dashboards that visualise the value your team is delivering.
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Allocate resources efficiently
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Verify ROI on every procurement project
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